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Becoming a mummy was the most meaningful experience of my life!

 Little Girl was inspired by the journey my daughter and I have shared. Lyrically, it expresses the emotions you go through personally as a mum and highlights some of the experiences your baby is going to encounter, like sound and taste. All these things are encapsulated with metaphors and simplicity. It’s a soothing song, especially the Lullaby Mix and Daddy’s Rocksteady Mix is a nod to dads.


Little Girl is a soulful, exciting celebration of daughters, nieces and any other special Little Girl! Hope it touches you like it still does me. I’m a proud mummy!



Little Girl – Lyrics


Look at you, looking around

Taking in new sights, new sounds for the first time

What can you smell? It’s me, Mummy

Come here my baby, don’t you be scared


Little girl - never thought that I’d say my

Little girl - never thought that I’d see my own


How beautiful you are, perfect to me

Overwhelming, overwhelming emotion to see you finally

And so scared was I, that you would survive your first ride

But here you are, here you are amazing, baby girl look at you


Little girl -  never thought that I’d say my

Little girl  

Little girl


There’s so much to say - so much to see

So much to feel -  so much to hear

Wait till you touch -  and wait till you taste

I’ll keep you safe - stay close to me


There’s so much to know - so much to do

So much to be - you won’t believe

How many there are – waiting to see

Waiting to meet you


My Little girl - never thought that I would see

My own -  my own little girl

Lady you are so beautiful

You’re so beautiful



Voice – Sophia Ripley

Bass – Trevor McKinley

Guitar – Sam Johnson

Strings/Samples/Drums – Gareth Fuller

Rhodes – Luke Smith

Drums (Daddy’s Rocksteady Mix) – Simon Wagstaff

Produced and published by Sophia Ripley 2016


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