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'So Confused' - A beautiful collaboration Produced by Mr Terence Thompson. Exquisite Smooth, Soulful Jazz made with outstanding musicians!

 'Free'  -  A beautiful collaboration Produced by Jazzy D venturing into some Neo Soul with the most awesome musicians from all over the world!

'Mama' - Deep - Emotional - Beautiful

 'Maybe'  -  The 'MIGHTY' I Judah Mix  

The Red Shed is essentially a live studio album with a few overdubs of vocal harmonies scattered lovingly throughout. It features some of my favourite songs from ’The Great American Songbook!' 

 'Your Move' is a beautiful soulful collaboration with the mighty 'Cool Million' and featured on their #1 selling Album - STRONGER

 'Maybe' is a sweet little 'Reggae Got Soul' tune infused with a hint

of Jazz! It lyrically contemplates whether to expose, or not to expose one's feelings and intentions with a love interest, hence the title 'Maybe'.

 Lately’ is a funky, latin house gem! Check out the 

‘Blazing Encore Revybe’ which takes the ‘latin’ to another level! 

In October 2017 'Little Girl' made her way to America and stayed at #7 in the Indie Soul Charts for two weeks! (wow moment) She also made it onto the Luxury Soul 2018 album. Little Girl was inspired by my journey of becoming a Mum. Lyrically, it expresses the emotions you go through personally as a Mum and highlights some of the experience’s your baby is going to encounter, like sound and taste. All these things are encapsulated with metaphors and simplicity. It’s a soothing song, especially the Lullaby Mix and at the same time a soulful, exciting celebration of daughters, nieces and any other special Little Girl! Hope it touches you, like it still does me. I’m a proud Mummy!

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