'Maybe' is a sweet reggae groove that is lyrically contemplating whether to expose, or not to expose one's feelings and intentions with a love interest, hence the title 'Maybe'. I'm always soulful I guess with my vocal, but this vocal particularly high-lights my jazz and reggae twists and turns. These genres have been as influential to me as much as soul music has. 

The Red Shed is essentially a live studio album with a few overdubs of vocal harmonies scattered lovingly throughout and some of my favourite songs from ’The Great American Songbook!' 

In October 2017 'Little Girl' made her way to America and stayed at #7 in the Indie Soul Charts for two weeks! (wow moment) She also made it onto the Luxury Soul 2018 album. Little Girl was inspired by my journey of becoming a Mum. Lyrically, it expresses the emotions you go through personally as a Mum and highlights some of the experience’s your baby is going to encounter, like sound and taste. All these things are encapsulated with metaphors and simplicity. It’s a soothing song, especially the Lullaby Mix and at the same time a soulful, exciting celebration of daughters, nieces and any other special Little Girl! Hope it touches you, like it still does me. I’m a proud Mummy!

 Lately’ is a funky, latin house gem, which again was warmly received, especially the ‘Blazing Encore Revybe’ which took the ‘latin’ to another level!