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Sophia Ripley takes you on her journey of becoming a Mum and naturally, like Little Girl, it gets emotional. Her unique vocal style, infusing soul, jazz and pop tells the often untold story of becoming a Mum. The fear and the depression which of course isn’t sugar coated but the songs leading story and purpose is to recognize her own Mother’s love and devotion to her and no doubt many people will relate to the gratitude she conveys in every breath and word.


Her soft, sweet, velvet tones are mirrored in equal measures with emotionally charged, powerful, bare and raw tones. Yet again, showing another side to her vocal and song writing style. She is, without doubt a story teller, tapping into your emotions, past and present with her honesty, striving to bring some therapeutic value to you, the listener.


“Mama is a gift to my Mum and yours!”


The artwork, created by Sophia and her daughter Erynn includes the translation of ‘Mama’ in over 90 languages and her hope is to take a journey into each Country with her song, shining a light on mental health and uplifting MAMA’s wherever they reside.


“We are Mother’s first”

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