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What’s going down? I am an Arteeeeest!!

It’s the first day of June and where did the time go….

in fact where did 2017 go? I’ve embraced the new year and written off much of 2017. There was so much grief to deal with it crippled me at times but life is full of painful challenges so we recognise the wonderful challenges. Achieving my dream of an album is finally back on the dream board and last month was so exciting! My third single called ‘Maybe’ will be released in a week and the reaction to it so far has been amazing! JJJJThere’s still so much to know and understand and listen too, so much editing to get through. ‘Maybe’ blew my mind with vocal parts and drums and insomnia became standard. It’s all amazing though, I feel like a student doing a degree!! Got my first ever payment from PRS too….that blew my mind as well. Lol lol lol

Catch up again soon….headphones have been glued back together and it’s back to Logic. Got 3 more tunes growing nicely. XX

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