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Sweet Child | CD | (only)

Sweet Child | CD | (only)


 'Sweet Child' - Physical CD format only


'Sweet Child’ is a collection of gems and 'blueprints' from collaborations I've done over the years. Some of these “blueprints" have been re produced by me and released in recent years like 'Maybe' and some are in progress currently for future release so this CD gives you an opportunity to hear some songs in their DEMO form. The collaborations with Adam Benton and Lee Vernon which include 'Sweet Child' and are taken from our Solace EP are now available for download. The quality of Adam's production was and remains, outstanding!


Shipping £2.50 within the UK and £4.50 outside.

  • Returns policy

    Full refund on returns within 28 days if damaged or justifiably unhappy with the product.

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