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Maybe | Sophia Ripley

Maybe | Sophia Ripley


'Maybe' is a sweet reggae got soul groove that is lyrically contemplating whether to expose, or not too expose one's feelings and intentions with a love interest.... hence the title 'Maybe'!

I'm always soulful I guess with my vocal but this vocal particularly high-lights my jazz and reggae twists and turns. These genre's have been as influential to me as much as soul music has. I've been lucky to sing with a few 'ledgies' over the decades!

Really blessed to have some beautiful keys on this tune, courtesy of the very talented Ronnie Francis!

Original bass courtesy of Mr Trevor McKinley and chopped and edited by me....

Had so much fun recording the drums with my old drummer 'Wagstafarii' who I toured up and down the country with many years ago with our band Frantasize.... HEAVY....Dub....Reggae.... I was known as 'Sophadelia' :-) :-)

Loads of help from my guroooo Juder Browne, way back to this tunes embryo days with the bass and construction and mixing.

Lastly but by no means least....amazing 'triangle' skills from my bro!!!!

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